Friday, April 5, 2013

Breakthrough or Breakdown?

In my last post a follower, Coy (check out her blog) said something that made sense.....I needed a "break out" workout to get me out of my funk.  On Wednesday night, I headed out between rain breaks....that ever so short window in Texas in Spring.....LOL.....and did 4 miles.  I did them at race pace, kinda, meaning I ran for a mile and walked the "aid stations" (30 seconds) I ended up doing 4.25 miles in 44 minutes.  It felt good.  I was pleased.  I was having a 'breakout'.  Wednesday is also my "two-a-day" workout where I go from my run to the gym to get in a swim.  I was supposed to do 2800m but couldn't get going.  I felt I was swimming backwards.  My strokes were off, my breathing sucked....I didn't want to be there.  I managed 1300m in 23 minutes which is slower than normal.  Ugggh....breakdown.

Last night, we met up with J's Kindergarten teacher from her old school and we sat and visited while J played with her boys and little girl.  The plan was to meet around 7 and hang until 7:45-ish then get home, do 'night time' and then I'd be on the trainer for 3 hours.  Well......we didn't leave there until 8:30....uggh....

So at 9:15 I finally get on the trainer.  I did 1:48 minutes and 33 miles.  I held a good clip but it was no where near the volume I need......

Run - Breakout!!!!
Swim - Breakdown,  :(
Bike - a little bit of both.

Tonight I'm taking off.  I shouldn't, but it's a swim and my confidence is a little shot.  I used to love swimming.  And I guess I still do......but it's now the distance that I'm putting in.  It's boring.  I'm used to HIM, Oly, and Sprint training....where I go a max of about 2000m....The next time I'll have that is in a few weeks. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions? 

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run.
Sunday is a 85/5 brick.  Looking at the weather, I 'may' get to ride outside for part of the ride.  If I can, the plan is to put about 3:15 on the trainer, switch out skewers, load up some nutrition, and get on the road for 1:45-2hours.....I really need to get outside and do some hills, flats, and sprints....


  1. Hi there :) If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about the swim. For me at least, it's tough in a 25 yard pool to keep a good, consistent stroke going. It's a never ending start and stop. Is there any place in town that you could go for an open water swim? Or a 50 yard pool? Sometimes getting away from the regular pool and visiting a new spot can make things more interesting.

    Also, I can't believe I forgot to ask you this but do you live anywhere near Houston? I live an hour away here from Louisville where there is also an Ironman and they have "training days" that actually will start in 2 weeks, even though LOU is not until late August! Large groups of people get together and ride the course and swim and even some run when they're done. Last year I hadn't signed up for LOU but all my friends were so I went and rode the course with them. Looking back I should have just signed up myself BUT point being, I think maybe one of the biggest mental boosters can be to actually get on the course and ride it and push yourself for an entire day to see just exactly where you are. I would be shocked if they weren't offering training days now for IM Texas.

    I know it's tough being away from home, especially when you have kids but I guarantee you that one full weekend day of training will put your mind in the right place and you'll know exactly what to expect on race day! :)

  2. My swim suggestion! QUIT WHINING AND DO WORK!!!! No seriously, I get how swimming in a pool can be boring. I am not sure if you are just swimming straight laps or breaking it down, but on my long swims, I like to do ladders! 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 200, 200, 175,150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 25 resting 10 seconds between legs and a minute between sets. That alone gives you 1800 yards. Do that twice and in a short warmup and cooldown and you will easily hit 4000 yards.