Friday, March 29, 2013

Too tired for a catchy title

This week started out so promising.....2400m swim.  Check

Tuesday, if you're playing along at home, was my 'pass out with cycling clothes on' night.

Wednesday I had a 6 mile run (did 4.5) and a 2500m swim.  Check

Last night was a 3 hour ride, of which I did 1:55 and this morning was a 2600m swim of which I did 900m.....


I'm so tired.  I could literally fall asleep standing up and was contemplating going into a bathroom stall at somepoint this morning and taking a nap.  Seriously....

I'm starving all the time.....and I want to sleep. 

/rant's Good Friday.  And Easter Weekend.  I shouldn't be a negative-nancy.

Going to my mom's this weekend, on Saturday, then going to church with her and doing lunch, easter egg hunt, and hang out with her for the day.

Satruday morning, I have an 80 miler planned....but the weather is supposed to be crap again, so it's the trainer for me again.  Sunday night, I'll get a run in.  Plan says 8 but if I'm still feeling like this, it may be .8


  1. You know what I believe? Is that there is all this stuff out there in the world for triathlon like bikes, sneakers, goggles and training schedules but there's nothing that helps us cope with the bigger and most important thing which is burn out and fatigue. It happens to every single one of us but yet we all just kinda float around in this training purgatory and hope that it goes away. I go through it at least once each training cycle. Right now I'm getting sour on waking up at 5 am 5 days a week. It takes me forever to warm up and to get into my workout. Sucks.

    1. You ain't lying!!!! I guess coffee and 5-hr Energy is the only coping things we have from a physiological stand point....but from a psychological standpoint, the only thing we have is the "Man Up Nancy" mantra that we have to keep telling ourselves.
      Hopefully this is over by this weekend becuase 4:45 on the trainer tomorrow is a MUST!!!! Can't miss a long ride/run.