Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's mah Baby Momma's burfday...

The light of my life, my world, my everything......she's lucky to have me.    HA.  I'm truly blessed to have her in my life and that she puts up with my shit.

She's been doing some pintrest projects and had a bunch of little wooden letters laying around.  I made this for her to wake up to this morning.

As it's her birthday, we are going to dinner tonight and I will probably over eat and then not want to workout.  So....I got up and did a 2 mile jog (had 4 on the schedule) and then swam 1600m (had 1800 on the schedule).  My time for the 1600m was 27:25.  I was flying today (not on purpose).  I was going through the water with ease, breathing was on point, smooth all came together.  It'll probably fall apart on Friday for my next swim....but today was what I needed.

My buddy and co-mentor JFord is giving away a hydration pack on his blog.  Click the big words to enter.  Tell em Brad sent you.  He'll know what you mean.

Also....last night, the 7 year old wanted to do her own "home improvment project".  I got 2 scrap 2x4's, cut them and made a "frame".  What we are going to do is mount it to the house, outside, and put little flowers on it.  It's like a plant frame.  She wanted it pink, so daddy went to Home Depot and got pink spray paint for it.  By the time I got home from there and finished it all up, it was 9p.  I was supposed to do 3:00 on the bike, but settled for 2:30.  Watched the movie Sinister.....HOLY CRAP!....and then watched another episode of FireFly...then called it a night since I was getting up earlier to 'Do Work' this morning.

Wood Filler




  1. Happy Birthday Baby Momma :)

    I was supposed to go swimming last night but put it off till today. For some reason my local pool is tough to breath in. Guessing it's the load up of chemicals. I just feel like my throat is about the half the size of when I'm in other pools or open water.

  2. That's weird about the has to be the chemicals. Or you're too fancy for that pool since you swim in UKs pool. lol

  3. Thanks for the Shout-out and great job on the swim!