Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You did how much???

I'm a bragger.  I like to brag, I like being the center of attention....I AM AN ONLY CHILD.....  LOOK AT ME!!!  EVERYONE!!!   OVER HERE!!!!  LOOK.....

Actually.....while I'm a 'bragger', I am in the sense a humble bragger.  I won't boast about doing an Ironman or triathlon unless asked or it gets brought up in conversation.  While I may steer conversation to topics close to it, I won't outright meet someone and say "Hey there.  My name is Brad.  I'm training for an Ironman.  Here's my business card...and I'm from Texas.  God's Country.  I am a Texas Triathlete....have you ever met someone with such stature???"....

When you walk into a room, how can you tell who the triathletes are?
No need....they'll tell you.
Never ask a man if he's from Texas. 
If he is, he'll tell you, if he's not, there is no need to embarrass him
Where I'm going with this is an interaction that I had at the pool last night.  My pool has 3 lanes.  And when I walked in, all 3 were taken.  Two by people (adults) that were using SCUBA masks and snorkles (basically just playing around) and another by a 30-something, semi-overweight guy that was water running, flailing, breast stroke, out of breath, more flailing, stopping in the lane, etc....I'm not poking fun at him.....stick with me here.
He was with the two others so he offered up his lane.  I thanked him, got in and proceed to swim.  I'm making some pretty good time on my way to 2400m.  About 20 minutes in, the people had left the pool.  Another couple had come and gone from their swim and I finally wrapped it up.  41 minutes in the pool kinda sucks.....
As I finish up, I see the guy sitting in the hot tub.  He made eye contact and said something, but with the echo in the pool and water in both ears, I basically saw his mouth move.  He got out and said "How long did you swim". 
"41 minutes...about a mile and a half"
"You did HOW MUCH"
To someone training for an IM, this late in the training plan, the response probably should have been "You ONLY did HOW MUCH?".
He told me that he had just gotten into working out and asked why I was swimming so far (my door opened...lol) and how I learned to swim.
Told him that I was a swimmer since I was 7 and that I was training for an Ironman triathlon.  He seemed more impressed that I was swimming since I was 7 and not that I was training.  He said that he wanted to learn so he could swim.  I told him to get in and within 3 minutes, I had his form a little better and he swam 25m without stopping.  He got to the end, took a breath and swam back and stopped about 5m short.  He said that was the furthest that he'd ever swam without stopping. 
I gave him my schedule and he said that he would try to be up there to swim more.
While I didn't get to brag (the door is still open....lol) I got to help.  And that made me happy (so I bragged about it here).

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  1. That's great that you got to help and that he picked it up so quickly.

    You ONLY swam how much again?? HAHAHAHAHA!