Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I listened to my body

It said "Hi"

Actually....what it said was I kinda need some rest or Imma revolt.

Last night we had "Family Fit Night" at my daughters school.  Hung out and messed around on the rock wall, bounce houses, collected a bunch of C-R-A-P that will end up in the trash, and she got to see her friends that she hadn't seen in all of 2 hours....but you would have thought it had been years. the time we got home and kids in bed it was around 8:30.  I got my cages filled and actually got changed.  While I was changing the show "The Mindy Project" was on, a show that I had never seen.  I thought....I'll watch until the end which was only about 15 more minutes.  Well....around 9:45, my wife comes in and wakes me up.  She said she thought I was in my office riding.  Apparently I passed out on the bed and was sleeping pretty soundly.  LOL.

So.....I skipped the bike last night.  As there is no chance or day to make it up (I have something on the schedule 7 days a week.....but 2 of those days are swim it's recovery days for me) I will chalk that up to listening to my body.

Tonight is a 6 mile run and a 2500m swim.

hopefully it's productive since I had some good rest.


  1. That's how it goes, especially with a job and kids. You come home, get warm, comfortable and nod off. I got my run and my swim in yesterday but only 15 min on the bike and I was all about some pillow and blanket. Rest will do you more good :)

    I hear ya on those school things where they bring home all that plastic crap. Why do they bother? My kids just had a winter fest and they were giving away 2 liters of Sprite and Coke for prizes. I almost filed a complaint. I know I live in KY but do they really have to encourage that sh*t?

  2. Yeah...she ended up with a frisbee, a water bottle (cheap one), 2 key chains, stickers, and "coloring pages". Uggh. She's a horder too, so if my wife or I don't catch it in time, she'll hide them or they'll get lost in her play room. LOL

    Tonight is my swim/run night.

  3. Rest is best! Good call on taking a pass.

  4. I've passed out many times dressed in full running gear. It happens. The next workout is usually awesome b/c you're so pissed!

  5. I tell my wife, if she finds me sound asleep on the couch, leave me there!