Friday, March 22, 2013

Purple Powerade = green poop

Catchy, but true, title.  I promise....that will be the last time in this post, that I refer to my poo.

Rode 3:00 last night on the bike.  Watched Serenity last night to complete the Firefly/Serenity series that I got engrossed in.  It would have been okay as a stand alone movie.....but coupled with the Firefly series, it was pretty damn awesome.  It really made the time fly by.

Thanks for the suggestions as what to watch next.  I have a 4 hour ride on Sunday.  Imma need something to keep me engrossed or I'll get bored and then quit.  No quitting!

This morning I was going to swim.  Up at 4:30, gym by 5:05, swim to 5:45, home by 6.  Great plan, right??!?!  Well....didn't get to bed/sleep until 12:15.  For those quick in math, you know that's 4:15 of sleep.  Not really condusive to recovery and good for the body.  So....I will try to sneek it in tonight after our regular Friday Night Family Movie Night.....which will actually be "Grimm" night as we have 2 of them recorded and the 7 year old LOVES it.  I know......what great parents, letting a small child watch Grimm.....meh.

Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, which....believe it or not....I'm actually looking forward to.  It's supposed to be 'chilly'....(in the 40's)....which isn't half bad for a run.


  1. get that swim done! DO IT!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing beats poop after Popsicles in the summer. Just sayin'.

    A 4 hour ride inside? Oh dear. You're gonna need 2 good movies. Last year I watched the Titanic wayyy too many times. Enough to know that at the hour and a half mark is when Rose and Jack are "flying" at the front of the boat....right before it crashes. Gosh I hate that movie. I normally park it on the History Channel. Is it nice enough to ride outside?

    1. The titanic crashes? Way to ruin that movie.....LOL

      It's supposed to be raining and cold this weekend, so I'm stuck on the trainer. Plus, I have to start about 4am to get my workout in (which is actually a 4 hour ride, 2 hour run brick workout) so I don't mess up family time. It sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do, right?!!?