Friday, March 15, 2013

Gave up, then I didn't

Last night was a 2:15 ride on the trainer.  It was supposed to be 3:00.....but again with a late start and some boredom, some saddle soreness, and being tired (partly lazy).  It was a good ride for the time I was on. 

My safety manager at work texted me the other day and had car trouble, so the past few days, I've picked him up and brought him to work.  Not a problem since he lives one neighborhood over.  Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to go get my swim in around 5:30.  He asked if he could get a ride to work then and he would work out in the company gym.  Not a problem.  So....I pick him up and drop him off.  As I pull up to the gym, turn off the truck, get out, and head in I realize that I don't have my towel and goggles.  The plan was to swim, go home, eat, shower, and come to work.  So I had to drive home, get all my stuff to shower/change at the gym, grab food, make coffee, then head back to the gym.

As I was almost home, I almost gave up and said screw it, I'll skip today.  As I make the turn to the house, I see a shooting star.  I took that as a sign and HTFU.  Got my stuff and headed to the pool.

You traveled very far
You traveled far, like a star
- 'Drown' by The Smashing Pumpkins

Got in 1900m in 33:57.  Not too shabby.  I need to be consistent and hit around 1:45 per 100.  That's the plan for the IM.  If I can hit that mark, it'll be a mental victory and set me up for the day.

Tonight is FMN.  With family in town the niece and nephew wanted to watch 'Wreck It Ralph'.  Even though we watched it last week, J said she'd watch it again. is.  It was a good flick, so I don't mind watching it again....maybe even doze off and not feel bad. 

Tomorrow is a 6 - 8 mile run then headed down to Greenville Ave. for the HUGE Dallas St. Paddy's day parade.  100k people, beers, breif nudity, ect.  (well...that's how it was in my single days).  Now, we go down and set up in a parking lot (we have VIP parking becuase the parade route goes right thru where Annie works and her company owns half of the land in the area) and we 'tailgate' family style.  I'm bringing an electric griddle to cook bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes.  Nom, Nom, Nom!  Mimosa's may be served, but that's as wild as it gets now.


  1. This was the first morning in almost a year that I got up early to swim at my local Y pool. I was shocked that every single lane was full. All old people and one tri person. Good thing you followed the swim star back to the pool! It's not a regular day at the pool for me unless I forget something.

    The St. Paddy's Day parade sounds pretty good to me. If there's food involved, I'm there. And beer.

  2. 3 things: #1 Good for you for going and getting your swim done, I would have made fun of you if you did not go. #2 On days when I miss a workout, I get cranky and nobody has time for that. #3 On the days I do not want to workout, but I do go workout, those are usually some of the best workouts I have!

    1. #1 - Thanks....

      #2 - Yup....

      #3 - Yup again...

  3. Great job on not giving up after you were going to. I had a moment of that a few weeks ago in the middle of a bike ride on my trainer. I stopped in the middle of the 2nd of 3 FTP sets, and actually had gotten off of my bike and was walking upstairs to shower when I thought - awwww heckz no girl - suck it up buttercup and finish the dang ride!