Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Been....One Week Since.... posted here.

Started a mileage challenge with my Mentor group on BT.  So I'm actually logging miles on BT now.

Monday I did 1400m in the pool before going on a road trip with my Leadership class to Austin to visit the Capitol, to meet our state and local reps, and to have some 'bonding' with the class.  Beer was consumed, so I'm glad that I worked out before.

Tuesday and Wednesday both my wife and I were beat down by allergies and the onset of them.  We were in bed both nights by 8:30 and asleep close to around that time.  I kept kicking myself for missing a bike, but looking back, I needed that rest.  Since my 'refocus', I've only missed a run so missing a bike isn't going to kill me.

Last night ran 3.87 a very slow pace (43 minutes) and then changed, drove to the pool, and cranked out 1500m. 

Tonight is FMN.  Jilian really wants to see Wreck It Ralph....and so do I.  However, Redbox all over the area don't have it in as of yet.  Going to keep checking throughout the day.  If it's not there, J said that she'll watch Ironman 2.

Tonight I'm trying ribs in the crockpot for the first time.  Cornbread and veggies on the side.  hope it's good.  Also, after the movie tonight, I'm supposed to ride.  However, I also have a brick workout in the morning that I need to start about 4:30am (bike will be part on trainer, part on road) and I have to be done by 9am so I can get the kiddo to gymnastics.

What's on tap for my followers this weekend?


  1. Wreck It Ralph was pretty good. My kids liked it! Glad to see your back and feeling better. You have an Ironman that needs you. :)

    This weekend is my birthday. It's supposed to be 60 out tomorrow so the bike and I are heading outdoors!

  2. Wreck it Ralph was a good movie!
    This weekend I have a 8.3 mile run on Sat and 31 miles on Sunday riding, which I hope to get outside!