Monday, March 18, 2013

Tailgating, Beer, Drunks, Running, Biking

Not necessarly in that order....

On Saturday morning, I was up and at'em at 5:30. I did 5.5 mile run (was supposed to do between 6 and 8) but wasn't feeling it. I've gotten that way lately and it's shown on the training volume. Yesterday was 60 mile ride but managed to do 25 because I didn't start until around 9pm and, frankly didn't want to do it at all. Since this is a new week, I'll hit it strong tonight with a 2000m swim.

Before I get into Saturdays totals for the month are:

Bike - 188.5 miles
Run - 16.82 miles
Swim - 9300m


We loaded up everything for the festivities and got to our area aroun 9:15am.  As the parade didn't start until 11am, we had plenty of time to hang, chill, eat, start drinking, and have fun.  There were an esitamed 110k people out for the parade and with temps in the mid-70's it was damn near perfect.

We had some friends meet us out there too.....and they brought A LOT of champaign. I figure that I had close to a whole bottle based on how I was feeling by the end of the parade.  All in all we had a blast.

Post Parade.....yup....


Floats and throwing beads

Seriously....already doing 'duck face'???

Cutiest family ever SIL and I were in a grocery store on Friday night and we walked passed a disply of Shiner beer.  Attached to this display was an awesome tin sign that would look perfect in my office.  So....we find a manager and he's like "I can't give it to you but maybe the manager can.  He's not here so you'll have to come back tomorrow".  I turn my charm on and was like "c'mon make an executive decision" and "no one will know".  He was stedfast....can't do it.

So....on Saturday, after the parade, I return to this grocery store.  I walk in, walk to the display, take the sign, walk out and put it in my car.  It was straight up Oceans 11 style operations. 


  1. HAHAHA! YES!!! You stole the sign!! I would have done the exact same thing frankly.

    Sheesh you guys were seriously wearing a ton of green. The only things I had on were my cycling socks that had green on them.

  2. Is that your family? They're so cute!!! I love the Irish spirit!