Monday, March 11, 2013

Building a house....

....with BRICKS.

Saturday morning, the alarm goes off at 4:15am.  I did NOT want to get up.  Snooze.  4:24am.  Nope....snooze.  4:33am....Nope again.  Wife gives the little "accidental" shove to get me up.  Nope.  Snooze.  4:42am....okay, I'll get my ass up.

I had everything set up, ready to go.  Aerobottle filled, both cages filled, 5 hour energy to shoot before getting on bike, Gu's on computer desk, headphones plugged in, Amazon Prime webpage pulled up, clothes laid out, and even had the water, powerade, and sports beans ready for the run.

Got on the bike at 4:49.....and rode until 7:28.  Figured I did 47 miles in that time.....Very uneventful ride, got through more of FireFly and decided that my last bit on the bike would be spent watching Airheads.  Classic 90's flick.

After the bike, I pee'd, swapped out shoes, put on a shirt, then commenced the running.  I had mapped out several different one mile loops.  I wanted to have access to water/nutrition every mile like I would in a race.  I ran 5 loops then an extra out and back for a total of 5.45 miles.  I did that in 58 minutes....which included the "rest" time every mile which was basically this:  Grab water, walk around car and drink, grab powerade, walk around car and drink, grab 4 sport beans and take off running.  30-40 seconds at most.  I probably could have gone another few miles with this system, but I had family and fatherly duties starting at 9am.

Looking back on the time that I had and what I did....I would have PR'd an OLY distance.

I was sore most of the day on Satruday......a little more sore yesterday....but today I'm not as bad.  Tonight is a swim and that's it.  Great way to recover.  Maybe even a hot tub and sauna tonight too.  My right calf is getting me some issues.  It's very tender.

I will confess......I ate like a total pig this weekend.  After my post workout shake and 2 cups of coffee, it got to be lunch time on Saturday afternoon.  I had a Baconator burger, large fries, 4 nuggets, and 2 diet cokes.  Saturday night I had 3 bowls of cereal and 1/4 box of peanut butter girl scout cookies.  On Sunday, I finished off the rest of the 3/4 box of cookies.


  1. I love Tag-a-Longs also. A ox of those will not make it a day in my house, but I like to argue that since they have peanut butter in them, I can count it as protein!

    1. And I drank two glasses of milk with them, so I got added protein and calcium to aid in my recovery.

  2. OMG HAHAHA!! Way to power through the workout but even more importantly, way to power through the food!!! Nothing makes you want to eat a burger and fries like a long bike ride and run.

    Hope the calf is better soon. I hate nagging stuff like that.