Tuesday, March 12, 2013

67 Days

Until Ironman Texas.....that seems crazy short.  I was thinking about that during my run on Saturday about how close it is, what I have to get done - training wise, and what I failed to do during other times of training.

Part of me says "You can do this" and "Its not going to be fast but you'll finish".  The other part is like "What the eff are you thinking".  As long as the first part of me wins out, it'll shut the second part up, right.

Swam 1600m last night in 30:48.  Not as fast as I should be swimming, but it's a pace that I can hold.  If I keep on that pace, I'll finish the IM swim in 1:15.  I'm allowing 1:30 for the swim during the race (which I probably shouldn't set any goals but I can't help it).

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