Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Friday again

Rest day and family movie night!!!!

On Wednesday night, while my daughter was getting over her strep/fever, guess who go a low grade and felt like complete ass.  I'll give you a's the only member of my family that types on this blog.  So, after taking it easy and getting some rest (which meant missing a run workout of 4 miles) I felt great on Thursday (I also had some left over amoxicillian so I started popping those too).

I was supposed to do 2:00 on the bike last night but couldn't find a comfortable pace, comfortable position, and generally didn't want to be there.  So....knowing what JFord would say, I managed to get 1:15 on the bike while watching FireFly.....which is an AWESOME ships, cowboys, pirates, pirate hookers.....guns.....women.....dark humor.....what's not to love.....

After the ride, I decided to go and get the swim workout from Wednesday in that I missed.  I cranked out 1300m (plan was 1200) in 24:18.  First couple of 100s were rough, as I was still a little sore from Monday's swim but that worked itself out and I was able to focus on form, feel, and breathing.  I also have to 'remember' how to sight also.  Usually every other breath on my left side, I can lift my head as I'm turning to breathe and sight.  I aslo practice different breatheing patterns.  Every few 100m, I'll switch from every 3 stoke bi-lateral to every 4 strokes and breathe only left.....then the next few 100, only right, then I'll go to 5 stroke bi-lateral, then repeat.....this helps me mentally to focus on that....and also get comfortable with different breathing patterns.  During my 70.3 in 2011, the first leg of the swim.....the wind was pushing from my right and creating waves and some caps.  Every time I'd breathe to the right, I'd get a face full of water.  I had to switch to breathing only left until I got to the bouy where I could go back to bi-lateral....then on the next turn, heading back to shore, the waves were on my left so I could only breathe right......knowing how to bi-lateral and being able to switch it up on the fly saved my swim that day.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!

Tonight is Ironman.....the movie.  never seen it so I'm looking forward to it!!

I didn't take an after pic of the ab challenge this morning.  I will take one this weekend and post on Monday.


  1. You sound better, that's good news! I'm horrible about bi lateral breathing. Guess I need some practice. I've been lucky enough to have the waves in my favor. Although, after mostly breathing on one side, I'll switch about halfway into a race and start breathing from the other side from getting stiff neck.

  2. My son Jesse loves Ironman! He has an Ironman costume and retractor blast thingy and he runs around all day being Ironman!