Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm boring...or blah....or both

I rode 2:35 last about 42 miles.  I got bored on the bike.  I'm done with Firefly and didn't know what to start next so I just quit.  I really want to get out on the road, but I have no time during the week.  The past few weekends have either had family in town (and a small hangover) or the weather has been crappy.

5 mile run tonight and a 2100m swim (or about 37 minutes).  It's hard to keep count on the longer distances so I just swim for time.  I try to keep track, I really do....but my ADD kicks in and I end up singing songs, thinking about whatever.....

Enjoy a picture of my resemblance to Johnny "Football" Manziel.


  1. Have you checked out Vikings on the History Channel? Or Inside Combat Rescue on NatGeo? Both are great for the trainer

  2. I suffer from bike boredom too! Have you tried the Sufferfest videos yet? You should. I hate on all videos but these are great and they keep you on the bike and shame you into pedaling until you want to fall onto the floor. Try them!

  3. Vikings is awesome! I may be a big weirdo...but I love Pit Bulls and Parolees. Haha.