Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another sick kid. :(

On Monday, after school, J was complaining about 'not feeling good'....which she always does until she finds out what's for dinner.  If she likes it, she perks up....if not, well then she's 'sick' and only nuggets or soup or tuna or hot dogs will help.  Well....she actually had a fever and passed out on the couch right when she walked in the door.  Gave her Tylenol and put her in bed and she slept the whole night.  Yesterday morning, her fever was low grade (99.4) so I gave her more Tylenol and we got ready for school.  I sent a "FYI" text to my boss to let him know.  Well....guess who I got a call from at 10:45????  Yup....she's got a 102 and she's complaining of a sore throat.  So, I go pick her up and bring her to my on-site clinic at work and she had a 'weak positive' for strep.  Amoxicillian 'script and rest is what the PA that's what we did.

Since I had to leave early, once Annie got home and we finsihed dinner, I had to finish up work stuff from home and run two errands for Annie since she'd be at home all day tomorrow....putting me back at home at 8:30-ish and on the trainer at 8:45.  I was supposed to do 2:15 on the bike but did 1:45.

Today was supposed to be a swim at lunch (which I had just typed out "Today I'm swimming at lunch", but deleted that as when I typed it, I realized that my workout bag is where I left it at home)......and tonight is a 4 mile run.  Depending on timing, I may get both in.  If I have to choose, I'll do the run as I'm still working out some soreness from Monday's swim.

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  1. I went through all the kid illness back in January. I have three and all three went through it over the course of a week and a half. Seemed like it went on forever and then I caught it. Been lucky they've been well since. I think there should be a special spot in the local newspaper for those that Ironman train with children. It really takes twice the effort. last night I was suppose to swim but ended up spending two hours at the high school with my daughter signing up for next years classes. Oh well. Life.