Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you

Pictures being the operative word in the title....

Yesterday was bike fit day (if you haven't been playing along at home) and it was "put the new components on the wheel and bike" day too.  However, the wheel that I have isn't compatable with the cassette that I bought.  So.....again, for those keeping score, I've messed up.  Luckily, there is a part that can be ordered to convert the freebub where the cassette goes so it'll be all good.

The bike  There were so many adjustments made to my bike, that I feel like I'm on a new bike all together.  In fact, the guy that was doing the fit commented that he didn't know how I had completed a HIM on the bike and/or haven't had any injury associated with riding.  I have pics from the before/after of the bike fit, but they have not been e-mailed yet.  If I get them today, I'll add at the bottom.

I also got a new saddle on the ride that should help with the "taint" pain and tenderness.  The guy told me to keep the saddle in good condition and give it a few weeks....and if it didn't help out, to come back and they'd swap it out too!

I took my before pic for the JFord Abs challenge.  I look a lot fatter in the picture, than what I see when I just look in the mirror.  Something to keep me motivated, I guess.

So....lessons learned from me:

1)  When you get a bike, pay the extra money and get a professional fit.  It will help

2)  When you upgrade your bike, bring your bike to a professional, tell said professional what you want and say "this is what I want to spend, this is my goal....aaaaannnndddddd GO"

Those tips are free of charge.....



Notice how far I moved up on the bike (stare at my butt, compated to the cutout in the wall).  Also bumped the seat up a bit and moved the aerobars in closer, moved them down and widened the pads.  Some adjustments were made on my cleats too. 


  1. Nice setup! When I got my fit, I had a 3D fitting which I thought was pretty cool!

  2. Thanks for stopping by

    I almost signed up for IMTX this year, I came really, really close. Decided on Ironman Switzerland instead

    I was at IMTX in 2012, I volunteered as a bike catcher with some friends.

    1. I've heard that the course is tough....but training here in North Texas, we have about the same types of hills and some of the humidity (not as much wind though).

      I'm pumped....Good luck in Switzerland. I'm following you now so I'll be up to date!

  3. Well howdy! Most of my blog followers are mostly marathoners so I'm always worried that I'm boring the hell out of them. Hmmm, maybe I am anyway :) ?? Glad you stopped by. I put you on my blog roll so I can follow you. Anyway, I'm headed to Wisconsin for my IM. I'm still in the rest and relaxation phase while I get to watch the rest of you REALLY get ready.

    Speaking of bikes, I need to get a new bike fit this year. I had one last year and although I think I'm close to a good fit, I think I might be a little off. Not much though. You'll be glad you did it. Put the power where it needs to be.

  4. This past year I got my first legit bike fit. It took hours and there were so many measurements and adjustments. It made the biggest difference!!! I was surprised when they adjusted my cleats too! But again…totally worth it!!!

    Best of luck on your journey to IMTX!!! I'm missing IM training a lot right now! I look forward to following your journey!!!

    Have a great Sunday!