Friday, February 1, 2013

February Ab Challenge Started off....

....with a hit of the snooze button.  Well, shit.....

My plan, in addition to my training plan, is to get up in the mornings and do some ab/core work along with some resistance exercises and then at night, do whatever is on the training plan.  However this morning, reaching for the snooze button was the only stretching I got in. 

Got time for the reason. .....excuse.....  I normally am doing my evening workout by 8:15.  Well....last night with a fussy baby I didn't eat dinner until 7:30, then I had to go to the grocery store to get some items for this weekends Super Bowl (am I allowed to say it?  I know that I don't own the rights to say it, so I should say "Big Game") party at our house.  We don't have anyone coming over....just us....because we like to actually WATCH the game and WATCH the commercials without interuption.  We went to a party several years ago and all the men were watching the game and all the ladies were chatty.  Annie, however, ended up joining the men to watch the game and then during the commercial breaks, everyone would get up and mill around leaving me and her to try to see the commercials.  So....we decided, from then on, that we'd watch at our house....alone. 

Tonight is Family Movie Night and "breakfast for dinner" night too.....nom, nom, nom.  Not sure of what movie J will pick out for us. 

Tomorrow is an 8 mile run

Sunday is a brick.....a 25 mile ride followed immediatly by a 5 mile run.  This will be the first real test on the bike since the fit.  I rode 1:15 last night and it felt great (a little tenderness 'down there' but not as bad as it was with the old seat/set-up.


  1. It is hard getting up early, only way I can is if I am in bed early.

    I prefer to watch the game alone, exactly for your reasons, so I can actually watch it and the commercials

    Is it me, because every year I get soooo excited over the commercials, but lately, they are getting less and less memorable, almost a let down, maybe my expectations are too high

    1. Yup...if I'm not in bed early, the next morning is shot.

      I'm glad we're not the only "weirdo's" that want to actually watch the game (even though I could careless about the outcome) but yes...commercials have gotten a lot less memorable. Doritos (nom-nom-nom) usually has at least one funny one and so does Bud Light but aside from that, it's just lost it's luster. Hopefully it'll turn around. That...and the half-time show....the excitment has gone out of that too.

    2. The Volkswagon Little Kid Darth Vadar was my favorite, cant remember if it was last year or the year before.

    3. I loved that one. The only one I remember from last year was the Dorito one where the guy in the office where he asked for a chip and the other guy said they were all guy A licks the cheese off guy B's hand and say "MMMMMM....CHHEEEESSSEEE" (my 6 year old loved that one - and we LOL'd...and we still say that line)

      Any predictions from Big Daddy Diesel on the outcome of the game?

    4. Ugh, well, not really, being a Lions fan, I am usually into the Red Wings by now, since the lions SUCK. There was Hand Shake Gate with the Niners and Lions, plus I REALLY wanted Harbaugh to coach at Michigan after we fired the coach I will never name again. I like the Ravens defense, but they are inconsistent agaisnt mobile QB's and there offense is even more inconsistent, which Flacco is going to show up? Which Ray Rice is going to show up?

      But with Willis and Smith on the niners defense, makes them good as well. I think that the niners qb is not as good as the sport writers are making him, if is not effective in the pocket, so does baltimore just play containment and make him throw?

      On paper, I think the Niners will win, but it will be a close game (that usually means that Baltimore will win by 21, HAAAAA!!!!!!)

  2. I am so going to win this challenge! 250 down, 6,750 left to go!

    And I like to WATCH it also, but we are doing a party this year, so I hope I can watch!

  3. I hear ya on getting up early. I just wrote about that on my blog as well. It's a necessary evil, well, for those of us that have kids it is. If you're not a morning person like myself, it seems twice as difficult.

    A friend of mine told me that going to bed early was the key to getting up early. So far it's worked!