Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bike Fit Day

Ok....I'm a little 'sited about this.  Headed to the Tri Shop in Plano today for my fit.  Got the bike loaded up in the Tahoe, backpack with shorts, shoes, etc.....and I was told to "bring my legs" because I should be prepared to ride. 

Nevermind the fact that I did 1:15 on the bike last night.....

Speaking of, I decided that I'd start waching a TV series because the trainer and I will (and are) become BFF's.  At the recomendation of a fellow BT'er.....Cord (Big Appa), I started watching "Amercian Horror Story".  Holy. Crap!!!!!  Now, let me preface this by saying that I absolutly love scary movies and horror movies.  The scarier the better.  However....not much scares me.  I will watch these types of movies in the dead of night with the lights off.......but this.....this show....WOW.  There were a few parts that had me a little edgy.  I'm only through about 17 minutes of the second show, but I can tell that this is going to be a quick series for me, especially with the time I'm going to be logging.

Any recomendations for another series to watch (I think Amazon Prime and/or NetFlix has both seasons of AHS on it....but will take a recommendation for another series).  Preferably the LOL type of comedy (Happy Endings, Family Guy, etc) or something scary/intriging.

Tonight is a 4 mile run but it's like 40 degrees outside and the wind is around 30mph.  This may have to happen on the treadmill (but then I can finish up the second episode of AHS).....hmmmm....treadmill not looking so bad now!


  1. I like Justified on FX, one of my favorite shows. Also there is a new series that is supposed to be similar to Homeland coming on called the Americans I am interested in watching!

  2. America Horror Story is the jam!!!! I love that show!!!!!