Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running, Push ups, and a great dinner

Last night, before the wife and the bay-bay got home, I decided to get my treadmill run and out of the way.  Dinner was in the crock-pot and the other bay-bay was eating a snack and watching TV.  I got through 27 minutes of my 30 minute run.  So after dinner (which was OH SO GOOD.....see below), kids bathed and in bed, I got back on the treadmill for 8 more minutes.  I would have gone a little more but I get seriously bored on the treadmill and cannot go for very long.  I thought it was fitness but I ran 6 on Saturday with not wanting to quit after the first 45 seconds.  Oh well....what doesn't kill you, right?!?!?!!?/

After the second fun run of the night, I did a push up/sit up count down:

9 push ups - roll over - 1 sit up
8 push ups - roll over - 2 sit ups
7 push ups - roll over - 3 sit ups
1 push up - roll over - 9 sit ups.

Easier to type out than it was to do them.  For those that aren't able to do quick math in their heads, that's 45 push ups and 45 sit ups in a pretty short time.  I followed that up with a minute rest then did 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, rest, then 10 more of each.  I got in 105 of each.  I know that's not a lot and that push ups/sit ups are 'old school'....but they really work for me.  I don't want to lift.  I really don't like the gym scene all that much.

Tonight is the trainer.....can't wait to get the bike components in the mail (which I found out that I bought the wrong thing, so I'll be making a trip to Performance Bike (www.performancebike.com) to swap it out.  My limited knowledge of bikes really shined on that purchase. 

Dinner.....nom-nom-nom.  It was White Chicken Chili....and holy hell is it good.

Grilled chicken (I use the frozen already cooked/grilled) - about a pound or so
Can of Corn (drianed)
Can of Black Beans (drained)
3/4 Can of Chicken Broth
Can of Rotel (I use the one with lime)
1tsp of Chili Powder (more or less depending on you)
1tsp of cumin (more or less depending on you)
Package of dry Ranch
8 oz of Fat Free Cream cheese.

Now...the hard part.  Put everything in the crock pot and mix it up.  Break up the cream cheese into chunks and put on top.  Set on low and walk away.

This is very cheap to make, it makes a lot (enough for 2 of us to eat a bowl and a half and have 2 servings left for lunch), and super easy.  It's not bad for you either......give it a try!


  1. I love crock pot meals. My wife went to some website where that is all they have are crock pot recipes and I cannot wait for us to try them!

    P.S. take that verification thing off, took me 4 times to get this published!

  2. I meant to ask if they were the girly push ups or the real guy ones like I do?

  3. You are old skool with your old skool calesthenics! Nice job! (Teejaay, won't let me comment from under my WP name)

  4. (test comment to see if I can comment from my WP account .. cuz really you only have two followers and you need our comments) :)