Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Taint that something?!?!

Got in a good 30 minute spin before the wife got home last night while the older one played outside on her scooter ('s THAT nice here in January where we can be outside comfortablly).

Got in another 40 minutes after the dust settled from dinner, clean up, kids washed, and in bed.

Felt good to be on the bike for a little longer but toward the end, I got the "taint pain".  Guys know what I'm talking about.  Not sure what chica's go through.....but it hurted.  Hopefully the bike fit will eliminate all that.

Put the new wheels on the ride (at least the front one).  Looks sexy, if I do say so myself.

After my ride and push-up/sit up routine.....did the count down and then sets of 20 up to 100...I was watching the news and up pops a guy that I know....that I consider a friend....who was arrested for alleged improper contact with a minor (a high school girl) and solicitation of a minor....both felony's.  I sent him a text asking what was up (I put it a little more bluntly).  He said that it was BS and that it would all be cleared up.  I told him I hoped that was true and that I would pray for him.


Easton Wheels (EA 90 TT)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friends situation!

    And I like the new wheels!