Friday, January 18, 2013

Them College Kids are Crazy

For my 30 minute run/3 miler on the treadmill last night I set up the 'mill in the "man cave" and turned on Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  I was laughing a ton, which caused my running to become semi-retarded, which caused my breathing to go all spastic, which made me laugh more.  It was a jolly time.  :)

The movie was pretty good.  The run was over pretty quick.  Guess that's my secret....movies, especially ones that I haven't seen and have to focus on that vs. focusing on how bad it sucks to be on the treadmill.

Tonight is family movie night....yeah!  Tomorrow is my "long run" for the week.  I have 6 on the plan.  I'm going to go all matter if it's walking some.  Just to get my legs to go 6 miles again.

I'll try to remember to take a pic of my set up and post it up.

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