Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer in Winter????

Friday night, was 45 minute trainer ride.  I had the same set up (which I like) with the you-tubes on showing an IM course.  The guy filming it is wicked fast and in 45 minutes only gets passed by a few people and does a lot of passing.  Makes me feel like I'm flying on the bike.

Saturday was a REALLY lazy day at the house.  My mom came over and took us to Chipotle (NOM-NOM-NOM......I *heart* Chipotle) and hung out with the kids.  I got my Home Depot shit squared away (* see bottom of post for the story) and got the thermostat installed.  The thermostat should have taken me 15 minutes but between my stupidness, the baby crying, more of my stupidness, and climbing up and down from the attic, it took about 2 hours.  I also ran on Saturday night.  6 miles.  Struggled through the last 2 but that's to be expected based on the lack of long running due to sickness. off.  First one since last Saturday.  Woo-Hoo!!!!  So....wake up and it's already inthe 50's.  It was supposed to get into the upper 60' JANUARY!  So, texted the neighbors and had a cook out and let the kids play.  We hung out in the 'heat' for almost 3 hours.  Cooked dawgs, drank beer, and had a good time.

Tonight is 3 miles.  A front pushed through last night and it's supposed to not get out of the 40's.  Treadmill night, I suppose.

****Home Depot Story****

On Thursday, the "Special Buy of the Day" on their website was a Wifi Thermostat for $69 (in store for $109).  I have one already and wanted one for the upstairs unit.  I added it to the cart and proceded to check out.  I got through the entire process and it wouldn't go through.  I entered my Gift Card info and CC info but nothing.  It then said the item was sold out.  WTF?  I just checked out???  So I 'chatted' online with HD and they said they had them in stock but were having website issues and to call and place the order. I did.  Got the order placed, got a confirmation number, but never got a confirmation e-mail.  Around 4:30p, I went online to check the order status "NO ORDER EXISTS".  WTF?  So I 'chat' again and get the most unhelpful person.  Furstrated, I have someone call me.  About an hour later, I get a call from the 2nd most unhelpful person who, after 10 minutes of explaining my story again, tells me the only thing they can do is refund my Gift Card but that the warehouse and all the stores do not have the Wifi Themostat in stock.
So....Friday, I wake up and check the stock on line....guess what's in stock?  And, guess what....there are 6 at my local store.  So....I'm pissed at this point!  I call up and explain my situation again.  The lady aplogized about 5 times for how I was handled yesterday and offers me a $100 gift card.  HOLY CRAP!  So...this thermostat is going to cost me $9!!!!  So....I go to the store yesterday and the item is in stock.'s discounted to $84!!!!!  Wooo-Hooo!!!!!!!!!!  Free Thermostat!
My faith in HD has been restored.

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