Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Appointment Made!

Tomorrow (1/30) is my day at the TriShop in Plano!!!!  I'm having my components put on my bike, new wheels trued, and a Retul fit.  If you don't know what that is...check it out at the Tri Shop's Bike Fit site or at the RETUL website.  I'm hoping for the best fit for my bike and body and that it will help stave off injury and increase the comfort in the saddle.  Now....just have to get bike fit(ness).......

Last night was a 3 miler in the 75 degree heat and humidity (and crazy wind).  I ran last night at 8:30...and it was still that warm.  I was drentched after the run due to the high humidity and the wind at my back for the last mile.

Tonight is a 1:15 ride on the trainer......do work!

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