Thursday, January 17, 2013

I was Runn'ning

Still been chilly and somewhat crappy weather for DFW.  Did another run on the treadmill for 38 minutes.  The schedule called for 4 miles (40 minutes) but the movie I was watching got over and as the credits rolled, I thought....meh, this is good.

I hate the treadmill, but I guess (and here's the admission part)......I guess it will make me better.  Ouch - hurts to say and even type.

Tonight is another "lovely" (think positive, right) treadmill run. 

Tomorrow, Friday - for those keeping score at home - is a 45 minute triainer ride.  That may be done in the morning since it's Family Movie night at the house.  X-Men 2 "X2" is what's on tap for the main feature.  I love the time with the fam.

As my boy JFord said to enocurage me......... "Do Work, bro....Do....Work"

Maybe he isn't so much of a No Talent Ass Clown as I make him out to be.

Follow his blog....and follow mine, dammmnitttttt.

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