Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Gnu Year (or Happy Nude Year)

On 12/31, the plans we had that night were a little thrown off.  My 11 week old was diagnosed with RSV and my wife had the same crap I had (haha!!!! - no....just kidding).  So I texted the people we were going to hang with and they got a little freaked out because their BIL and SIL didn't want to expose their 3 week old to anyone that had been in contact with someone who was sick.  Ummm....okay.

So....we did Family Movie night and watched the Avengers....and J fell asleep at 10:45, I went to bed with the baby around 11:30....and my wife came in aroudn 12:15 and said "Happy New Year" *kiss*....and that's about all I remember.  Meh....when you're in your mid-30's and have kids, the whole NYE thing is different.  I'd rather do that then get shit face drunk and regret the morning.

I had 11 - 13 miles planned for 1/1.  Well....being off for a little over 2 weeks and the fact that it was 28 degrees with a wind chill of less than that, I got a whole mile in.  I started coughing due to the cold and way I can do this.  Went home and did Power 90, did stuff around the house, watched football, cleaned up some Christmas, went to the store (all produce was picked WAY's like the'll be like that for a while, then people will think "making a salad is hard" and "fruit goes bad" and it'll be okay again), then we watched X-Men 2 last night for our Tuesday Night Family Movie Night.

137 Days to IMTX!  Better get on the Ball!

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