Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We had a roll over

...the baby that is.  She finally rolled over!  After about 4 days of getting almost all the way over, she finally figured it out.  We cheered and cheered.....she looked at us like we were crazy, gave us a crooked and toothless smile......then tooted. 

So....last week, I lost all kinds of motivation.  I thought I'd pick it back up over the weekend, but did not.  I did get lots of chores done around the house.  I started building some shelves out of a 'rescued' pallet (I'll post pics when I'm done), I bought and hung a ceiling fan for the guest room (***funny side story***  we have the same fan in our bedroom.  After I had hung the fan, got everything attached, and was ready to test it out, I grabbed the remote and started it.  I tested the lights, the fan speeds, etc.....I was happy with myself.  I go downstairs and my wife says "were you just messing with our fan?"  I said no.  She said "Our fan kept coming on and going off, lights were off and on then off then on...."     HOLY CRAP!!!!!!  The remotes are on the same frequency.  I didn't even think about that.  So I took it down, reprogrammed the remote and rehung.....)

Last night I went for my first swim of the season.  1000m in the pool.  I thought I'd be around 20 minutes as I had not swam since August.  Well....it was a "blazing fast" 18:03.  Not too shabby for first time in over 6 months.  I sent JFord a text and said that I'd found my motivation again......and not a moment too soon.  I have a 2:15 ride tonight.

I'll have to conceede the ab challenge to my man....JFord.  I haven't done any since last week.  Still, I did okay for what I thought I'd do.  It helped me focus on the core a little more.  I do owe a before and after pic (which probably hasn't changed much) so I'll post that later this week.  I will continue with focusing on the core work and try better at the next mentor group challenge.


  1. If you're not using those "blazing fast" swim arms on Sept 8th, I'll borrow them. I'm blazingly slow in the water. I just swam the mile and it was in a very pedestrian 33 min.

  2. A mile in 33 is not slow.....that's great!

  3. "I'll have to concede the ab challenge to my man....JFord." Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still we did more than ever before, so there was some benefit gained!