Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm a Brick.....Hooowwww-sssssss

This weekend was the first brick of the plan and the first real ride since the Retul fit.

On Satruday, the baby (of all days) decided that she would pick this day to sleep in until 7am.  While most would think this is a blessing, it's not on the day that you need to be up and running by 6:45.  She normally wakes up between 5:30 and 6, where she's fed, then she conks back out thus giving me perfect and ample time to change, run, and get back.  Well....becuase of her sleeping in, she wasn't done eating and back to the sleep until around 7:45, which means there was no time for me to change, run 8, and get back by 9:15 so I could get the 6 year old could get to gymnastics (as Annie had an appointment to get her hurr did).

Milled around the house, ate a light breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and got ready to take her.  After class, it was a beautiful 60-something degrees outside, so when Annie got home they ate lunch, baby down for a nap, and off I went.  The first 6 of my 8 (which actually ended up being 7.5) were great.  The last bit I fell apart, which due to hydration on the run (zero) and prior nutrition, was expected.  I did see my safety manager, who yelled at Pastor on his VP of sales....and the mayor (who was getting into his car, but we chatted for 30 secs).  All-in-all....good run.

Then, on Sunday, the plan was for me to brick and get home before Annie and J went to horseback riding lessons....while I stayed home with the baby.  Then, I would take J to a birthday party, while Annie styed home with the baby (she got the better end of the deal, as the baby slept the entire time I was at the party.....but wanted to be held and played with when I had her - haha)

I can't stay mad at this....look at that face

The brick.....HOLY HELL IT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice the time?!?!  Yes...that was AFTER my ride.  It was in the upper 20's while I was out.

I managed to get through 18.5 then it happened.....the sound that no biker likes....the sound of rubber scrapping on the road.  I thought that it was getting tougher to peddle but it turns out I must have had a slow leak.  I managed to get through 19 (the last 6 was a small loop in the it worked out perfect).  The ride felt great though, aside from the cold.  After the ride, I got in 3.7 miles running in 37 minutes....which is actually faster than I thought, as I've been struggling to maintain a 10 minute/mile pace.  Another success!!!  I felt really good on the run and probably could have gone the extra 1.3 miles but alas, there were responsibilites.  Maybe I should get faster on the bike....then I'll have more time.  :)

Today is an off day, which my legs will love.  Last night was Super Bowl Party....where the family ate a bunh of junk food, I had some beer, we watched the game (a good one) and the commercials.  Really liked the Farmer one by Dodge, the Oreo one (the fight/melee in the Library were everyone was whispering) and a few other ones......they, however, for the most part....weren't as good as past years.


  1. Living in the frozen midwest, I wont venture out under freezing (yep, cold wuss, I tip my hat to you, I wouldnt train outdoors in the 20's)

    Flats suck

    Thanks to the second half of the game (actually the blackout), it was salvaged, made it entertaining. The commercials pretty much sucked, my favorite was Paul Harvey, also like the Jeep and the Budweiser horse bond commerical. The Doritos goat one kinda made me chuckle and the I did like the guy going to the prom alone and kissing the HC Queen driving in dads car made me smile!

    1. Yes...the Budweiser one should have been mentioned as well. That was great. I seemed to have missed the Jeep one that people are talking about.

  2. Did you see the All State Mayhem commercial where he was just giving out referee uniforms? It was funny, you should Google it.

    I agree with BDD, no biking when it is that cold, running maybe, but no biking. I saw nothing in there about core work???

  3. Your schedule looks a lot like mine. Training around the kids, etc. A friend once told me that it's our dedication and training that make us Ironmen, not the actual race. As parents, I have to say that you have to work twice as hard to get to that finish line.

    The library commercial was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing. When the cop comes in and is whispering through the megaphone! Hilarious! Bet a lot of Ram trucks will be sold today.

  4. With tags starting with 'baby, beer, brick', I figured I better start following your blog :)
    I'm starting a similar Ironman focused journey - moving from marathons to triathlons. Haven't killed myself, yet, but drowning is not completely out of the question. Wish I liked the pool more. Wish it liked me more too.

    1. HAHA....thanks for following. The pool will not kill you, promise. may, but it shouldn't. :)