Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost all motivation....

Don't know what's wrong with me.

Just want to sleep or watch TV for hours.....and not work out.  I don't even feel bad for missing.


In fact....I don't even feel like putting tags and labels on this post.


  1. Completely Normal. I'm not a head doctor although possibly a "head case" hahaha but I went through this twice last year. It lasted for 3-5 days each time. I just let myself do nothing. Then I would snap out of it and WANT to go back. In my unofficial professional opinion, I say go for it, do nothing for awhile. Might help.

  2. Been there done that many times. You will snap out of it. What always works for me is to set a time goal on something and see if I get close, usually I blow it away and it gets me motivated again. Of course you could always look at your before picture and realize you HAVE to post the after picture in less that a week!