Friday, February 8, 2013

99 Days


99 Days until IMTX.  Why does that seem so short?  Why when it was 102 days, it seemed far enough away to get acomplished, but now....3 days later, it seems that it's closing in.  I know that it's mental but still.  It's becoming more real.

Did 1:30 on the trainer last night, followed by 250 sit ups.  This was on top of the 100 sit ups that I did yesterday morning.

This morning, my lovely wife gave me a compliment, very unexpectedly.  She told me that I was starting to look skinnier and that I was starting to get definition.  This led to Magic Mike style dancing and a flexing session in the mirror.  I asked her if it "did anything for her".  While she said no.....I know that she really wanted to jump all over this.  :)

Today is a scheduled off day and Family Movie Night.  Got a recomendation for "Hotel Transylvania" and she seemed good with it.  Guess it's a Redbox night.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a 10 mile run and Sunday was a 30 mile ride.  However, due to the weather that's supposed to push in, I'm going to ride tomorrow morning and fun on Sunday afternoon/night (after the rain pushes out).  Also....we're supposed to go (weather permitting) to Downtown McKinney to watch the Krewe De Barkus....a dog parade and expo.  That should be entertaining.

Have a great weekend followers!

Total crunches (through 2/7):  950


  1. 99 days. When you say it out loud like that it makes it ALL REAL HAHAHAHA!! My 99 days is still a ways off. That is....if I can get to that point. My current debacle. Anyway..... the kiddos will like Hotel Transylvania. I didn't care for it as much as say Ice Age 3 but it's not too bad. Enjoy your night on the sofa!

  2. Mine recently ticked past 180 days, less then 6 months!! I got sorta, lesser freaked out moment, sooooo much to do!!!!

    Enjoy movie night!!!!!!

  3. It's amazing how different numbers can make such a mental difference. Well done on your sit ups - I don't think I could do that many in a month!