Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Season almost over

(I'm staring at the title....and can't believe that's all I could come up with.....Hhhhhhhhhh).  The title refers to American Horror Story.  I have one episode left.....then I move on to the next series.  Not sure which yet.  Firefly, Falling Skies, Dresdin Files.........JFord gave  me some suggestions too......Since I have some LONG trainer rides in the near future, I can probably crank thru all these shows that I missed on TV that all the kids are talking about......

Short post today:

Last night did 1:50 on the trainer followed by 3x10 of resistance band exercises on bi's, tri's, back, shoulders.  I then did push-up/sit up's, doing 100 push ups and 250 crunches bringing the grand total to.....

Total Crunches: 2000

(in order to hit my goal of 7000, I need to do 312 per day, every day thru the end of the month.....)

Tomorrow is my daughters 7th birthday.  Party is on Saturday at a Lego place called Bricks 4 Kids.  Pretty cool concept.  I think it's a franchise type place so look it up if you have school aged children.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to get up around 5:30 when the wife wakes up and run to the donut shop to get J some donuts for her birthday.  Total surprise and something that we don't normally do.


  1. I dont know any of the shows you listed???

    Some of my goto shows that I record are The Biggest Loser, honestly I loved that show for years and I make it a point to watch it on the trainer

    I also record my favorite teams playing (and TRY to stay off the internet to know the outcome, because I probably wont watch it then)

    A movie that caught my interest, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" It is not an action film, but makes you think, it is over 2:30 hours long, worth a trainer ride

    Happy Birthday to your daughter

  2. Thanks for her birthday wishes....

    "Girl" series intrigued me. My MIL read the series and loved it....and said the movie was good too.

    I was not aware of the shows listed either until about a week ago when I asked for recommendations. My BIL said that Firefly was an excellent series but they only did one season (it has a pretty big cult following at Comi-con, etc). Joss Whedon directed it. He also did Avengers movie.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Today is my swim day and I get to ride and run tomorrow! It is going to be a long season!

  4. Crunch crunch :)

    If you get the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the original one is the best. Not the new one.

    Waking up to donuts on your birthday is some good stuff! Kids birthdays are the best! They're so excited!