Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Friday night was Family Movie Night.  Watched Frankenweenie.  Meh.....it's like an intro to the world of Tim Burton for kids.  Not my thing, but my daughter liked it, so that's all that matters.

Saturday and Sunday....well....they happened.  I was supposed to run on Saturday morning but got up and it was windy as hell.  So I decided to work in the yard, plant two Silverado Sage's and 2 Knock Out Rose Bushes.....then mulch....then finish painting/staining everything.  The garden is about 80% done.  So....needless to say with family in town, my chores, J-Birds party, and all that goes with the family in town, I didn't work out.  I had planned for an off day on Sunday so I took that instead of running (hahaha).  I did manage to get 500 sit-ups done over the weekend.

Last night was an actual off day, normally, but since I didn't get other chores done when the family was in town, I had to grocery shop, shave my head (and other parts), and do some resistnace exercises and 300 sit ups.

Tonight is a 2:00 ride.....I'm looking forward to that.  Strangely enough....I'm digging the bike a lot now.  Now....if I could just feel the same about running.

I start swim training next week.  I'm pumped about that too.....it'll feel great to get back in the pool.

Total crunches : 3000


  1. So, you havent been swimming? I am interested in this, did you come from a swimming background?

    1. Yes. Swimming is my strenght so I wanted to focus on biking and running before getting into the pool.

      I swam 6 times before my HIM and managed a 34:XX swim. Granted it took some out of me for the bike, but I've got 3x per week on the schedule going forward....approx 30 swim sessions.

    2. Nice!! I use to swim as a kid, but have zero desire to swim in the offseason, I am steady, but I have noticed, if I take more than 3 days off from the water, I lose some of the feel to it, so I have to stay consistent in my swim training.

  2. One of the biggest benefits of better cycling training is a better run split. You'll be so much better prepared by having more energy. But either way, you do still have to get off the bike and WANT to run, so you've got me there!! haha

    Enjoy the swimming! I'll be back in the pool next month (also a swimmers background, so I don't do more than 2x/week and I'm good).