Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a shitty night....

Yesterday was a good day....aside from meeeting with attorneys all day (they are our attorneys so it's better than meeting with the plantiffs att'ys) but when I got home the stomach wasn't right.  Ate a little dinner and then I ran.....I ran back and forth from the couch to the potty (hence the title of the blog).  4 mile run was probably a 1/4 mile run with my running in the house.  Can I count that as speed work?

Managed to get in 100 crunches yesterday morning but am falling way behind in the challenge.  I talked a little too much smack to the group.  I'm going to have to jump all over this challenge if I'm going to have a fighting chance.

Tonight is an hour and a half on the trainer.  I'm feeling better and haven't sprinted since about midnight so hopefully whatever was in there isn't there anymore.  Love the trainer now as I'm knee deep into American Horror Story.......

Total crunches (through 2/6):  600


  1. That sucks, I will train sick except with GI issues, no way I want to deal with that. Good to hear your feeling better

  2. I had that stomach crap back in early January. It was so bad, I didn't even want to train. I could have cared less if my treadmill melted before my very eyes. Hopefully yours is 24 hours and then you're back at it!

    My abs are aching thinking about your crunches.

  3. Stomach bug equals a quick way to hit your race weight goals! Look at the bright side!