Friday, February 15, 2013

Are you a Psychopath?

Last nights trainer ride (on Valentines Day....which is a holiday that neither my wife nor I really get into) was brought to you by the movie Seven Psychopaths (IMDBs Synopsis and Reviews).  It's a dark comedy with some blood, cussing, bewbs, more cussing, a dog kidnapping, and a cast of some A-List Stars.  It's not a movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.

It got me to thinking.....are we somewhat psycopathic when it comes to our working out?  My dad used to call it 'A Mask of Saneness'.  While some of the definition of psychopathy include lack of empathy, criminal behavior, and manipulation.....other 'symptoms' include:

Prone to Boredom
Anti-social behavior

I know that when I'm in full training mode, I fit this.  I can't sit still and get agitated.  I'm doing the triathlon training for me and by myself.  I get impulsive and I'm definitly not always sane.

So....I guess I'm borderline psychopathic.....and I'm writting a blog about me. 

At least I'm not using First Person narrative......yet.

Brad says "Have a great weekend" and he wants to add...."DO WORK"

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  1. We are all crazy in some shape or form, I mean who pays $700 for 140.6 races willingly and is considered sane?