Friday, May 3, 2013

Wow....we're close

Yesterday, I had an all day meeting so I was unable to blog. loyal followers are getting a 2 for one deal.  Free of charge.  A BOGO without a coupon, if you will.

Wednesday night, I did a solid 6 mile run.  It wasn't fast but it was complete.  I went out about an hour earlier than I normally do and it was still in the upper 70's with higher than normal humidity.  It was close to what IMTX would be about that time.  Had I been nutritioned up properly, I would/could have done more.

**side note**  I'm still freaking out about my fitness, but it is what it is.  I'm to the point of 'I should get a few more long runs in" or "I'm going to run 10 instead of 6 because that will help me out".  I know that it won't and I'm fighting the urge to do more.  Trust the plan.....just do what it says!

Last night, I was exhausted.  I had eaten like crap all day (no self control mixed with constant hunger...add in junk food.....recipie for distaster).  I felt sluggish but had a 3 hour trainer ride.  When I picked up my 7yo, she reminded me that it was "Cherry Berry Night" (a local fozen yogurt place gives 10% of sales to her school once a month).  So we went there after dinner.  When we got home, it was time to start the ride.  I said "eff this" and went to bed. bed by 8:30.  Asleep by 9......and didn't wake up until 6:30.

I don't feel too bad.  I probably won't make it up as there is 15 days left and the last 3 are all rest days.  I don't feel bad.....I don't.....not bad.  I'm glad I got rest.  I feel energized and ready to tackle this weekends workouts (a 75/5 brick and a 13 mile run).  Last real weekend......

Oh God....we're really close.


  1. That rest may have been the best thing you could have done! And Yes, you are ready!