Tuesday, May 7, 2013

11 Days....and a mini-made up triathlon

11 Days.  11-flippin-days.  One-One.  Eleven........Wow.

So last night, on the schedule, was a swim.  With my shoulder pain, I wanted to test it out.  I was prepared for a 100m swim or to go the 45 minutes.  I was really hoping that it was going to be a long-ish swim.  I hadn't been in the water in a week and need to get the feel again.  The first 25m was okay, te second 25 there was some pain, the 3rd there was a little more....the 4th, there was none.  Either adrenaline kicked in or whatever is causing the pain worked itself out.  I had small twinges of pain during the swim but nothing that lasted longer than a stroke or two.

In looking at my schedule, I'm behind....I know this.  So....how do you make up fitness in 11 days??  Here's a hint.....You Can't.  But what does my simplistic mind say?  Cram....Cram like you've never crammed before.  LOL

So....I got home and decided on a quick spin.  Did an hour on the trainer and felt pretty good.  But, why stop there, I'd already completed 2/3rds of a tri.....why not go full on tri mode.  I strapped on the shoes and jogged 1.65 miles.

The 1st Annual Brad's Made Up Triathlon is:

2300m Swim

17.25 Mile Bike Ride

1.65 Mile Run.

T-1 is a drive from the pool to the house
T-2 is a tiptoe walk into the master bedroom closet to get running shoes

Finishers Swag features a warm bottle of gatorade left over from my daughters soccer match on Saturday and a 100 cal bag of popcorn.

Entry for next years race will be $40 and will not inculde a shirt, any support on the course, and/or finisher prizes.....or pictures.  Basically, I'll just take your $40.

Aiight boys and girls.......off to some meetings then hopefully the vendor that we're doing the meetings with will spring for lunch.


  1. I'm getting pretty excited! Can't wait to follow along live. Are you nervous? I get crazy ass nervous. I have the swim portion of my blog written from Sundays race, just haven't uploaded the pics and those tell a big part of the story. It was INSANE! Do you know what the weather is suppose to be like for race day?

  2. If you had Mexican Pizzas on the course, I'd pay $40!

  3. Coy....I'm super pumped and super nervous right now. I'm a glass case of emotions! Weather has changed everyday on the extended forcast. Yesterday it was high of 86 with a 5mph wind. Today it says high of 79 with 14mph wind. Who knows....other than it's going to be humid.

    James....I got you, bro. Mexican Pizza buffet for all finishers.

  4. 79 and you've hit the jackpot. 14 mph winds do make a difference but if you get equal tailwind and headwind you'll be fine.

  5. I would L-O-V-E a 79 degree day. The winds....another story. The winds in Houston blow from the south. The bike course is a north ride for the first half, then back south....so the wind will be in my face for the worst part.

  6. Are you wearing a wet suit? I've seen some triathlons where the swimmers are in wet suits and others where they are not/ Triathlon suit