Thursday, May 9, 2013

Single Digits.....9 Days

It's all downhill from here....

I'm now just maintaining my fitness and getting extra sleep/hydration.

I've started cutting back on the bad foods that I could eat when I was doing 2 hours of work a night...both because I don't need all that fuel and because I don't want to pack any pounds on.  My calories are still on the "high" end, but they are better.....fruits, lean protein, very limited dairy, lower fiber, not as many processed carbs/sugar (trying for good/natural carbs).....

Last night I flipped a coin.  Heads was run, tails was swim.  Tails won.  Went to the pool, got in a good mile and came home, watched the end of the Ranger game (they won!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!), showered, and was in bed by 10:15 and cut the TV off after the weather report and don't remember anything until 4:30a when the baby started fussing but went back to sleep (and so did I).

Kind of a funny side note with the news.  Annie mentioned something that was on the local news the other day and I had no idea what she was talking about.  Apparently it was "all over" the news here but I had no clue.  Then it hit me....I haven't watched much news/weather since January when I started hitting my night training hard.  I get national news on my iphone feed and I check the weather on one of my local newsstation apps....but actually sitting down and watching a local and national news broadcast.....been forever. 

That's one thing that I'm going to look forward to after the race.  Enjoying some down time.....


  1. During the season, all we care about is the weather and whether or not there is some kind of activity that might increase traffic where we want to train

  2. I hope your local pool was warmer than 58! HAHAHAHAHA!!

    I'm also looking forward to the "coin tossing" segment of my training. :)