Monday, May 13, 2013

5 whole days.....or 2 more blog posts

5, 5 effing days......FIVE.....F-I-V-E....  I will blog today, tomorrow, and on Wednesday, as we roll on Thursday.  I don't know what I'll blog about, but it will be rambling for sure (as if all my other posts weren't). 

So...this past weekend.  How was it you ask.......

I had probably the worst ride on Saturday morning. Legs felt heavy, Bike flet like it weighed 50lbs, couldn't get comfortable, couldn't find a speed.....ugghh....  It was bad enough that I wanted to toss my bike and say screw it.  I can't get about 15mph and I wanted to quit after the first 10 miles, how am I going to get 10x this?????  I've talked it out with myself and a few others about the ride.  Everyone says it's okay, except for me.  I should listen to everyone else.

Saturday was a normal day.  Soccer game, pool party for the kiddo after the soccer game, then we went to our town square where they did an old time election result party.  The judge would get a call from a disctrict and then announce it/write it on a chalk board.  It was a good time.  Right before we were about to leave I got hit with the worst pains in the world. Head, body, legs.....sore throat, drainage, chills, muscle came on all of a sudden....out of no where.  When we got home, I got into a hot shower for 20 minutes and drank 32oz of Pedialite and 20oz of water.  I didn't pee during the night nor until about 7:30 the next morning.  I guess I was a little dehydrated.

I've been pumping my body full of all sorts of pills. Sunday was no better.

I did man up and go to the doctor this morning. No fever (Yeah!!). Got an allegry shot, B-12, amoxicillian 'script (just in case), musinex, and Zyrtec......

The doc said okay to race as of now, since there is no fever.  Suggested that I have no physical activity for a few days, hydrate lots, and limit outside exposure due to high pollen counts.

Why did this have to happen with less than a week to go???? 

Please pray (seriously) for my quick recovery.  If you're not the praying type.....just keep me in your thoughts or do an interpreative dance for my wellness. 


  1. I'm doing an interpretive dance for your wellness. It starts off with me doing the "crane" like in the Karate Kid. I'm all about the crane lately. I pray too but I think this dance where I begin with my crane move might be as equally effective.

    Secondly, you're not sick. You're freaking out. You know what would be worse than Ironman? Being that Red Bull guy who fell to the earth after jumping out of that pod. Imagine that for a second! It's only a race (this is the pep talk I give myself, can you tell?) and very small although it seems really big.

    How about this, I will trade you my bike legs for your swimming prowess??

  2. praying for a speedy recovery and an excellent race!!