Wednesday, May 1, 2013

T-minus 17 days

Last night was supposed to be a 2 hour ride.  As the weather is supposed to turn complete crap on Thursday, I moved that workout (which was 2 hour ride/5 mile run) to last night, and will do 3 hours tomorrow night.  About 1:30 into the ride, I got the cold sweats again, heart racing, and feeling sick.  I think this happened last Tuesday too.  My nutrition and hydration seemed to be on point yesterday so I'm clueless.  Lets hope this doesn't happen on race day.  Instead of trudinging through another 30 minutes and then running, I got off and ran.  Did a 2.5 miles out and back.  I still felt ill, but got through it.  After showering and getting on the couch to catch up on TV, I felt great again and felt like I could have gone out and ran more.  Crazy.

Today at lunch is a massage and a visit to a chiropractor.......get the kinks out and get alligned.

Tonight is a 3 mile run (may do extra to make up for last night) and an hour swim.  I think I'm just going to go an swim laps watch, no counting.  Just make a note of the approx. time on the clock at the start and end.  See how that works out too.

Also....go to my boy James' blog for a chance to win a pair of Zogg Goggles..... Daily Trainings Blog

But whatever you do, do not visit Coy's blog.  She will bribe other athlete/triathlete bloggers to win give-aways....and bribes them with food.  You know we can't resist food!!!  Low blow Coy....Low. Blow.  :)

(Coy is a follower of mine...on here and on I not bagging on her.....well, kinda)..   :)


Totals for April.....

Swim - 15,600m (4:36)

Bike - 610.3 miles (36:25)

Run - 55.4 miles (10:04)

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  1. You know why you have the cold sweats on the bike?? It's called "voodoo doll". Whenever you tell me you're planning a bike ride, I take the doll and put it in the sick under the faucet. The I rub Taco Bell all over the doll to give it a stomach ache. Just kidding. Maybe. ;)

    Go to the doctor damn it.