Thursday, April 23, 2015

**Invalid Password???***

What tha shit??!?!?

I guess that's what happens when you don't log in for well over a year.  We all have our "go to" passwords that we use.  Mine rotate through 3-4 different ones with numbers and/or symbols.  To log in today I had to think back 1.5 years ago.  "BradLovesOneDirection14". What.....They were really popular in 2013....

So.....a lot has happened in the past year-ish.  2014 wasn't that big of a year.  The last half of the year, around the end of July was when it all changed for the better.  I got more serious in training and actually started more of a routine.  I was still spastic on the consistency and it wasn't beneficial, for my 2015 Ironman Goal.  In January, I buckled down a lot.  Eating, working out, focus, signing up for races.....I had to do something.  I've toned up and slimed down a lot in the past 4 months.  I've raced a sprint Tri and a 13.1 so far with a 10k next weekend.  These 2 races crushed my 2014 race total, since I did a total of 1 race last year.

I had planned on doing Redman Full with JFord but received a phone call  2 weeks ago from him.  He, unfortunately had to back out of the race, for a good reason (not because of was skurred).  I have made the decision to do it anyway.  I started IM training on Monday.  Full on, I-actually-have-a-plan-to-follow training.  With the help of my past experience, other people's experiences, a recommended book, luck, and motivation from everyone, I'll do A LOT better than my first IM.

I'll commit to you all to blog more.  Probably once to twice a week, usually on Mondays to do recaps, training totals, comiserate with others, brag, get humbled, laugh, cry, laugh while crying.....whatever.

While I haven't been on here, I have kept up with some of y'all via Blogs, IG, etc and even a chance meeting in person.  Some of you knew I was there.  Other times I was like the guy in aviator shades, a members only jacket, rolling around in a windowless van.   Straight Creepin' on ya.

So.....I hope to see you all around.  I'll be around.  Just training, doing the dad thing, keeping my head above water......the usual


  1. Not nearly as bad as my password "AdamLevineisonehotPanda!" I didn't put my bank account info or usernames on here so it's safe right?

    Good luck! I'll be here for heckling purposes.

  2. Welcome Back brother! I will add a shout-out on Daily Trainings to you on my next blog piece!